Your favorite places
My favorite memories
Regrets of lives spent apart
Separated by time zones
And more
United by genes
And much more
Getting to know you
Learning your rhythms
And getting into step with the family.
We collapse to the floor in laughter
Or snuggle up close in a quiet moment
Then come to the table
Filled with a bounty that promises
A long time together.
As I sit,
Surrounded by those I love,
I know
I am home.


The music starts
And I join in
Making my joyful noise
Among the many.
Strings thread the melody
Drums are my heartbeat
Voices from the stage and the pews
Proclaim glory and honor
To the One who is worthy.
I fall quiet
And let them all carry my praise
To the heavens
Because I am too overwhelmed
Even to clap
Stunned into silence
By His majesty.

Psalm 84:12-10

Blessed am I if I trust in You
Even when You seem
So far away,
Because You’re right beside me,
Whispering my name.

Blessed am I if I trust in You
Even when You are silent.
You’re not ignoring me –
Just waiting for me to
Strike up a conversation.

Blessed am I if I trust in You
Even when You withhold
Some thing from me,
And I pout like a child,
For You only give me the best.

Blessed am I if I trust in You
Even when I have
No strength to move,
For through my weakness
You are teaching me to dance.

When I trust in You,
I am in Your courts,
At Your throne,
Speaking Your praise,
Receiving Your gifts,
And dancing with abandon.

And I am blessed.


Sometimes it comes in a satisfying way
A big, airing-out conversation
Loud voices, tears
A slamming door.

Most times, it’s slow
A letting-go of anger, bitterness
With or without forgiveness
Much less apologies.
One morning
You wake up and realize
You no longer lose sleep over the relationship.
You move on
Whether the door behind you has closed or not.

On the Porch

This morning I felt Your presence.
You called me out to the porch.
Sit with me a while.”
I poured some coffee,
Grabbed my Bible and notebook,
Arranged my blanket
Then (finally) sat down.
Deep breath.
No music. No reading. No praying.
Just us . . . being.
Like two old friends
Comfortable in the silence
With only the creak of our chairs
As we gently rock.
We don’t have to say a word.

The warm rays of the rising sun
Touch my face like an inviting caress.
I stand
And spread my arms wide.
As You shine on me,
I remember how You have told me
To shine!
I welcome You to touch me
And You do.
Your light is like a gentle kiss, then grows bright
Like a wide smile of pleasure.
You love me!
I feel this for the first time
In a long while,
And I am in love with You.


We all do stupid things
Or almost do
Almost all
Almost stupid.

It’s the almost that takes our breath away.
And we shudder to think
What almost was.
Like stepping off the curb,
Not seeing the bus
That rumbles toward us.
Something big
Ready to destroy
Finally gets our attention like nothing else.
We leap back and
Exhale relief.

You and I,
We almost.
Destruction passed by after fair warning.
Now you go your way
While I stay in mine.
We exhale relief
At the almost that never was.

“Your sins are forgiven”
He said to me.
I hadn’t even asked for that.
You see,
It never even occurred to me.
I only wanted
To be accepted
To be healed
To see what all the excitement was about.
But forgiveness?
Not for me.
I’m too sinful
Too dirty.
“You are already clean . . .”
Me? Why?
“. . . because I said so.”

I sit back
And let it sink in.

I take up my mat
Pick up my pitcher
Take off my bandages
Toss out my crutches
And run to invite everyone I know
To come
And hear my gospel story.